Paul Cook


    Director of Marketing

Mr. Cook has been an aviation consultant and route analyst for over ten years with various airlines including States West Airlines, Aero California, Aero Pacifica, MexiCargo, Falcon Express, British Gulf International (UAE,) GambiaJet, African Argosy (West Africa,) and Tangara airlines (Suriname,) among others.  He is well versed in aircraft capabilities and world markets key to providing cost efficient operations especially to underserved markets.  His education includes Associate degrees in Aeronautical Engineering (Utah State University,) Business/Marketing (University of Utah,) as well as marketing courses with the United States Armed Forces Institute.  He is also an enthusiastic civilian pilot and former air controller with both civilian service and in the U.S. Navy.  Mr. Cook has numerous worldwide contacts providing invaluable access to market information and serviceability.